Frequently Asked Questions


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What happens after i book?

Upon booking your 90 minute consultation, you will be asked to complete & submit a comprehensive consultation form prior to your appointment.

Can you guarantee i will get pregnant?  

Fertility Massage does not guarantee to get you pregnant. Fertility Massage is a complimentary therapy that supports women during all stages of their reproductive life. There are no pregnancy guarantees from receiving  Fertility Massage.

Can you help me with my painful periods?

Many woman have said abdominal massage has helped them with period pain. 

Where will I be massaged?

The massage is on the abdominal sacral area. From your bra line to your pelvic bone and the lower back area. I will also spend some time on your neck and reflexology points on your feet. 


Remedial Massage & Pregnancy Massage

I have never had a massage before, what should I expect from my first appointment?

Your first appointment will involve a thorough assessment of your postural analysis, a functional test of your musculo-skeletalsystem. You will also be asked a series of questions about your particular complaint, after which an appropriate treatment plan will be devised.

Will the treatment hurt?

The firmness of your treatment will vary from person to person. That is, the amount of pressure used will be adjusted to suit to you and your condition. This is best determined by communicating your level of comfort, or discomfort, to your therapist during your treatment.

Generally speaking, when being massaged on a area that is aggravated it may be a little sore, but in a good way.

Can I get a massage if I’m pregnant?

You sure can. In fact massage is great for relieving those tired and sore muscles in and around the hips, lower back and shoulders. For obvious reasons, Pregnancy Massage uses less pressure than a normal massage treatment and your positioning on the treatment table will vary according to what stage of pregnancy you’re in.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Gift Vouchers for specific or combined treatments can be purchased from Astra.

Can I get private health fund rebates on remedial massage?

Yes. Most private health funds cover Remedial Massage therapy as a extra. Check with your health fund to see if this applies to you.


Baby Massage

What age should i start massaging my baby?

Babies can be massage from birth!

What Oil should i use?

An organic, cold pressed, carrier oil standard oil such as Grapeseed

How long will the massage be?

A full routine often takes between 20 and 30 minutes

When shouldn't i massage my baby?

If your baby is ill, has a temperature or recently had vaccinations. Also do not massage straight after a feed or when your baby is upset or hungry. It is important to create positive associations therefore we do not continue to massage if baby is upset and crying, for any reason.


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